Logística de Equipos Médicos

Custom Made Logistics Services

Made Custom Logistics Services

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Ahona logistics is a service company dedicated to delivering the best quality of these to its customers and partners.

To this end, we have developed a unique storage and distribution service in the country and designed for the health area, understanding the needs of the client.

Our installation are today in Santiago and Temuco.

Dispatch And Distribution

Dispatch and distribution : Monday to Sunday , 24 x 7 model of business.

Urgency Dispatch:
– Maximum 3 hrs. since received the order this included Santiago and Regiones.

Dry storage for medical devices in local warehouses Temuco and Santiago.

Preparation of orders or Picking


Inventory every 6 months without additional cost.

Implement and use of Ahona Logistics tool to management of the inventory and communications through intranet access.

Custom Made Logistics


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Expired products can only be stored for a maximum of 2 months in the warehouse and then be withdrawn or destroyed.

Inventory loss of 0.2% in units.

Quote is subject to review after 6 months of operation, which may vary depending on compliance with the information provided at the time of quoting.

The products must be in a condition insured by the client from the moment they enter our warehouses.

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